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Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King

AI is everywhere. The concept of augmented or artificial intelligence was once a vision of a far-off future, but while true human-like intelligence is still distant, the reality of machine learning and intelligent systems is very much here to stay.

Last month we hosted an event in our Soho office centred on the theme of AI as it relates to brand, but also more broadly throughout our lives. We wanted to dig into how ‘our invisible partner’ has integrated into the world of comms, marketing and PR, as well as some of the broader questions about how the technology impacts society as a whole.

Here are some of our top takeaways from the discussion:

1. First assess what is not AI

Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor at The Drum, opened up the panel by pointing out that one of the main flaws in the discussion around AI is the tendency to use it as a catch-all, a blanket term. There is a clear distinction between true artificial intelligence, machine learning, and simpler algorithms, and there’s a responsibility within the media as well as the wider PR industry to set the record straight on where that line lies.

2. AI can help you differentiate yourself and build proximity with your customers

Tricia Miller, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing at customer engagement platform Twilio went on to discuss how AI can be used as a point of differentiation between brands. Artificial Intelligence, she said, can be the difference between good and poor customer service, vastly reducing time-to-action and customer query time, and that can make all the difference. The key, though, is deploying it in the right way, via the right channel.

3. AI can help you make better decisions, faster

Tom Salvat, CEO at content strategy platform Concured chimed in on how he feels that the crux of AI from a brand standpoint is helping you to make better decisions, faster. AI can help crunch the data at a vastly accelerated rate when compared to a human, but ultimately it comes down to a human to make the critical decisions.

4. Personalisation creates the illusion of seamlessness. However, as humans we thrive off friction

To close off the session, Sonoo pointed out that while personalisation continues to improve as AI gets smarter, seamlessness isn’t necessarily the ultimate goal for human interactions.

“The problem with personalisation is that it creates the illusion of seamlessness… when as humans we thrive off friction.”

“Serendipity should continue to play a part in our lives.”

While there’s still much unrealised potential for AI, its use is continually maturing, and it’ll be important for brands to stay ahead of the curve in how this is playing out in our lives, in order to maximise engagement. Find out more in our AI report – and tweet us @NelsonBostock if you have any thoughts.

Image for Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King
Image for Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King
Image for Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King
Image for Artificial Intelligence: Brand is King