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Is creativity still that important to all companies?

The answer is yes.

After attending the Contagious Summer Bootcamp last week, we wanted to share the three top tips on how you can release your inner creative in ways which will help your company flourish:

Invest time into your ideas

It takes time to work on a creative idea and there will always be considerations and, of course, rejections throughout the process. If you have an idea you’re confident in, keep fighting to get the understanding from your peers on how great the idea can be. That creative genius that may inspire you from other companies is not born in a day, so make sure you sleep on that good idea, investing time and thought so you’re able  to make it a great idea.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel disheartened about an idea but it’s key not to  give up during the process. If you’re confident in your idea, that will show and it’s important  to follow it through until you can watch your ideas come to fruition

Utilise the people around you

A creative culture is very important, all companies need to understand this. Energy is the key here, hire energy over experience and then you will create a culture that is on FIRE.  

You have to understand, you will always be remembered for the creative outcome, for example THAT Christmas advert that you see and hear about everywhere but more importantly you will remember HOW you made it. If the team enjoyed the creative  process of working together, the quality of the work will shine through and the outcome of your idea will come  across more positively to your team. Your team will then feel spurred and encouraged to work on the next creative campaign.

Plan for a meticulous execution

We’ve all been in a scenario where your idea can seem  great to you in your head, but thinking about how you’re going to execute an idea is key. When pitching your idea, people need to really believe in what you’re selling and fully understand what they’re investing in.  Always start with a detailed and carefully executed plan which will allow your idea to be brought to life to others in  your team.

How your idea makes people FEEL is the most important factor to consider when pitching.

In the creative industry, you’re always going to come across ‘the haters’ but it’s still important to make sure your idea is heard. e. We’re only  human and there will be times when we’re nervous to hear feedback from others on something we’re invested in, but the BRAVERY comes from doing something that hasn’t been done before.

In summary – be a company that is important to others to exist. With this, you need to take a moment and consider if others could be affected if your company closed tomorrow. Consumers/clients want to feel inspired by your creativity and if you’re lacking in this department they may stop using your service or buying your goods. Do not be a company that may happily die tomorrow.