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NBU talent day: helping discover our new Winning Minds

After graduating from The University of Manchester in June with a degree in marketing I was keen to pursue a career in the PR/communications world.

While trawling through jobs on platforms like and Total Jobs, I stumbled across an ad for the Nelson Bostock Unlimited talent day on LinkedIn. NBU were already familiar. One of my old colleagues had put me in touch with Victoria, an existing member of staff, about advice on good agencies to apply to, and she’d said how much she enjoyed working at the company. So once it popped up on LinkedIn, I quickly sent off my application!

Having completed a placement year whilst at Uni I had already attended two assessment centres which both involved several rounds of interviews and multiple tasks on the day – all very nerve-wracking when you are trying to land your first job! But the NBU team quickly set my mind at ease. They made it clear that unlike a graduate-only assessment centre, the talent day was an opportunity for bright and motivated individuals of all walks of life to come and learn more about the company.

The other candidates I spoke to on the day all had different backgrounds and levels of experience. Some had been to university, and others hadn’t, but the focus was on our enthusiasm and potential.

The day had a very relaxed feel: members of staff gave intros about life at NBU, what exactly PR is, and the different day-to-day tasks that life as an Account Assistant involves – for example, reading the daily papers and identifying relevant tech news stories.

The day involved a group task where we were split into teams of 3-4 and had to come up with a PR campaign around EE’s launch of 5G, and explain how this would roll out in the media. The activity allowed us to think creatively and share different ideas, which we then presented to the group of judges.

The last part of the talent day involved a 20-minute ‘speed interview’, where we moved between different NBU staff members and answered their questions for two minutes. This felt less like an interview and more like a chat. It was a good opportunity to showcase your personality and what else you could bring to the business, as well as gauging who the people you might be working with were like.

All the people I spoke to on the talent day were incredibly friendly and made me feel so comfortable. At the end of the day I knew that these were my kind of people and that NBU was exactly the kind of place I wanted to work (having previously been at a much larger corporate firm).

I have now been at Nelson Bostock Unlimited for 3 months and am loving it. In this short time, I’ve already learnt so much and have really got stuck in with my 3 accounts. I’ve also supported on several new businesses opportunities and participated in my first new business pitch this week – which we won!

I would hugely encourage anyone thinking about applying to Nelson Bostock Unlimited to do so – regardless of their experience. You don’t need specific experience, or a degree in English Literature – just motivation and enthusiasm to learn about the world of PR!